Testing On The Big Screen

I love films, especially new ones I haven’t seen. Even if they turn out to be a waste of some hours (or 4.5 hours in the case of Only God Forgives. It has a run time of 1.5 hours. Yes, I have watched it 3 times)

With the pandemic times, seeing new films didn’t go away, so I hadn’t noticed how much I had missed the cinema until I got to go to them again.

“I have offended you. I am only looking for the Cinematograph. I understand it is a wonder of the civilised world”

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Film)

Sitting on a comfy sofa with table service, a buzzing but calm atmosphere and then you are presented with trailers for new adventures then finally the main event. The lights go down and you are bathed in the glow and glory of a newly woven story.

An introverted person who hates crowds, loud noises and since the pandemic is not 100% sure leaving the house is entirely worth it, I shouldn’t really enjoy the cinema. However, I am transfixed, enchanted and back to being addicted.

This wasn’t of course without testing the water. Our local cinema has always been a disappointment and my favourite ones are all in London, but those are for classic film events. We ventured further out locally to try some different ones with varied success.

Once we’d settled on one, I attempted to sign up for a membership. Here is where I start to break things.

The initial form had interesting required fields. I wasn’t happy with them being mandatory, but filled them in to see if I could progress (after trying to continue without filling them in). The password box was copy pasteable, but the “confirm password” box wasn’t. When I had supplied everything to sign up, I got an error. I decided to try and make a free account as it required less info, but I hit a different error message. This, and all the questions I had about various fields, prompted me to contact them.

I raised all this to the cinema company directly and they answered my questions quickly. They did eventually have to delete my free account for me to be able to sign up to a membership account, but everything is good now so far. They are in the process of updating their site for autumn.

This would probably deter most non-testing people. I find I break mostly everything I interact with. It is all part of my natural tester charm. I possibly only achieve these feats of failure because I’m tuned to do things abnormally.

It is also possible that nothing stops me trying to see new films at the cinema now I can again. Opportunities to explore new stories are woefully finite. The empathy and experience that can be found in film should always been seen as largely as possible.

@meowy24 #alwaysbetesting

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